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3GAB en Espanol

The lovely Isi of From Isi reviewed my book, 3rd Generation and Beyond on her Spanish blog!

I can’t understand it, but it looks positive!

Good thing Isi will be writing about my book in English, too, in a few days!

Here’s Isi’s review in Spanish!


2 thoughts on “3GAB en Espanol

  1. Of course it is positive, Danna!! 😀
    I will tell you in the English review, of course, but I’m telling what the book is about and how you give some tips (like “be kind”, “look for your family’s history”, etc.) to let people know that we can make a better world, how your grandparents inspired you. I also talk about that I got surprised when some of the others (Rebecca, Allison) can identify with you in the sense all of you are Jewish, and also Allison’s grandparents survived the WW II.
    I know this is weird, but I have always felt that war and the Jews like they are “literature”, but now I feel it closer since girls I “know” are direct relatives of those people.
    Don’t misundestand me, please. I ‘m saying I feel it like literature in the same way you can feel our Spanish civil war too, because you don’t know it directly, and I have heard stories about it from my grandmother, for example.
    Hope I have explained myself!

    Well, thank you very much for the book!

    • Hi Isi!

      Thank you for the wonderful review. I put my Spanish “glasses” on and I think it is wonderful. I am thrilled to have the review in Spanish because a lot of people in Miami speak Spanish and the fact that you wrote that it is an easy read will inspire others to take on the reading even though it is in English.

      I’m excited to read your English review. I understand what you mean by equating us with literature. I believe that is a beautiful way to put it. I am very interested in Spanish history as well!

      Very happy you read my book and can take the “little lessons” with you!



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