3GAB / Jewish book council

NYC for JBC for #3GAB

I am anxiously awaiting my flight to New York tomorrow to attend a nationwide conference for 3rd Generation and Beyond. The Jewish Book council conference accepted 3GAB as one of the books to be discussed in front of an audience of hundreds of people. I would have 2 minutes to convey to the audience what my book is about, who I am, and why whichever organization they are part of would like to hear my story.

Well, isn’t that overwhelming! Two minutes to describe the importance of the work that you put years of your life into. I am actually rather excited by the challenge though…

It also occurred to me that I will be meeting other authors that have written books on topics I thoroughly enjoy. I can’t wait to meet all of the people I am meant to meet and hear all of the other speeches about other books and important work.

Please, feel free to say hi to me if you are at the conference. I very much look forward to what this phenomenal conference will bring.

Wish me luck!



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