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Tenement Museum — NYC

“We are all immigrants from somewhere..”

That was the thought that was rolling through my head as I walked through the Tenement Museum in New York. If you haven’t done this tour, next time you find yourself in the city, it is something you should really consider.

“We are all immigrants”

We were touring through the museum’s little rooms of where people actually lived. Sometimes, it was one family, yet in times of economic depression as many as four families lived in one tiny room. Not only were the living facilities tiny, there was no plumbing and not to mention the heating was coal fueled so there wasn’t much “breathing room.”

Then I saw the way the women had to iron clothing. If I ever complain about a chore again (which I do, a lot!) I’ll be reminded that what we complain about now is nothing compared to what we had to do in the past!

I came up to New York to do a presentation about 3rd Generation and Beyond at the Jewish Book Council event held once a year. I came up in hopes of showing people what it is I have to teach. I ended up leaving New York having learned a lot.

“We are all immigrants and we all need to learn to live together…”


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