Women’s Wellness Retreat

This past weekend I went away on a beautiful retreat with women from across South Florida to learn, be inspired, and to study with a renown Kabbalah coach named Shimona. I was also asked by the curator of the retreat, a wonderful friend of mine, if I would speak about the process of “How I came to finish the book” referencing 3rd Generation and Beyond.

When I typically speak it is about the book and the cause to different organizations, or about the Holocaust to young adults in the school systems. The topic of the process of writing the book isn’t one I typically speak about! I said I would love to speak and I did.

Since, I had been in New York and had to prepare for the speech I gave up there and then went straight to working when I got back I hadn’t had time to draft up what I wanted to say. So, I went off the cuff and became inspired by the learning we had earlier and weaved that a bit into my speech.

” …last it was created, first it was in ( G-d’s ) thought…”

I read that before I gave my speech and it struck me. That was how I was going to present my lecture. Start at the end product and rewind all the way to the spark of the idea that happened to me that caused me to write the book.

I jumbled a bit a long the way while I was speaking, yet I got the point I wanted to get across out there.

Ideas are divine inspiration. A “spark” of an idea that is executed in the right way can change the world for better.


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