Hypnobirthing… New Celebrity Trend?

It seems as if it’s a new trend because using hypnosis for birth is getting so much attention now due to Kate Middleton and Kim Kardashian, yet in reality hypnosis has been used for childbirth for a very long time.

Hypnosis is used to diminish pain and anxiety, allowing for an easier delivery. Some hypnotists go as far as creating a state of mind in the client that fully allows them to feel as if they have had complete anesthesia, meaning NO pain, as if you were given a real anesthetic.

More and more clients are coming to me asking for alternative methods, including hypnobirthing, to try approaching life in a different way. In my opinion, although hypnosis is deemed alternative it isn’t really alternative. It works in such synchronicity with how the mind truly works giving clients peace of mind with what they already have; their beautifully powerful brains.

It is said we only use 5% of our mind. Well, that other 95%, or the subconscious, has a lot to offer and hypnosis is one of the few means of tapping into it.

To all the expectant mothers out there, this is something to consider if you’d like to pursue natural childbirth.

Peace. Love. Hypnosis.


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