Highly Sensitive Person?

I have been having discussions lately with some of my clients about what it means to be an “HSP” or a highly sensitive person. It’s a relatively new term that I first heard when I was seeking out help for my own chronic fatigue symptoms. I sought out an alternative therapy called NAET which is performed by acupuncturists with the idea of ridding a person of his/her allergic responses.

I was asked by the practitioner if I thought I was a highly sensitive person. I wasn’t sure what she meant and I answered, “Yes, I would say I’m sensitive.” What I didn’t know at the time was that being highly sensitive didn’t necessarily mean emotionally sensitive.

I left the term aside that day, occasionally coming back to it in my thoughts, until recently when I began becoming curious about it again.

What does it mean to be “highly sensitive?”

A highly sensitive person is essentially more affected by stimuli than others. For example, a loud noise isn’t simply heard as loud, it is heard and felt and experienced in an uncomfortable way. An HSP might be so sensitive that someone else’s pain might be taken on by that person. Many HSP’s can be deemed introverted or shy because their inner world is so rich and stimulating that going out into the real world of even more stimulation may literally throw their nervous system into havoc.

I began researching more and more about HSP’s because I believe some people that are chronically ill might have a link with being highly sensitive. I am seeing this more and more with my clients that come in for fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue. Their nervous systems go into overload by every day life and hence causes stress on the rest of their body.

HSP’s need to learn how to cope with stress to balance life, stimulation, and health. Knowing if a client is highly sensitive has given me many clues as to which way is best to proceed with his/her hypnotic protocol.


4 thoughts on “Highly Sensitive Person?

  1. Wow this is really interesting! I had no idea this was an actual condition. I watched ‘the life of bees’ last night and the character of May had some of these traits.

  2. Hi Jayde!

    When I first learned about it I had the same reaction. I didn’t know it was a real “thing” and now that I’m more aware of it I consider it every day when working with people!

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