Einstein- Our Subconcious Mind – How We Learn

Albert Einstein is one of my all time favorite historical figures. His theories, until proven accurate, were originally conjured up in his imagination and he knew they were true, it just took the rest of the world years to come to terms with it. Although everyone was lightyears (no pun intended 🙂 ) behind him he stuck with his guns and KNEW he was right with no need for approval. I LOVE THAT. His brilliance and quirkiness are what made me fall for him when I originally began learning about him while doing a report about his life in 3rd grade.

English: Albert Einstein, official 1921 Nobel ...

English: Albert Einstein, official 1921 Nobel Prize in Physics photograph. Français : Albert Einstein, photographie officielle du Prix Nobel de Physique 1921. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I loved his individuality and his inability to conform.

My father and I had a conversation about him and the way his mind works the other day at dinner. We began to talk about his extensive use of his imagination and creativity. He didn’t work in a linear logical fashion. He “dreamed” this stuff up. He made full use of his creative part of his mind, otherwise known as the subconscious.

My father and I began to speak further about the power of that part of the mind. The part of the mind that is just connected to knowledge beyond our knowing. All ideas come from the subconscious as a burst of light.

We then began to speak about the current situation in our own education systems. Here in Florida schools now are under such pressure to teach the FCAT standardized test in order to have their students pass. The issue with teaching the test is that we are just learning how to pass tests, essentially becoming robots. No one ever learned how to think by learning specifically how to pass tests.

Arts, music, language arts, science, these are the subjects that open up the imagination to create thinkers. We need to save these programs and foster creativity. We need to foster our ability to think or we truly will fall behind.

Here’s to Einstein, his brilliance, and his inability to be conformed. Forget everything you’ve learned, and relearn it your way.


2 thoughts on “Einstein- Our Subconcious Mind – How We Learn

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