Depression & Hypnosis

Many people come to hypnosis because they know it to resolve longstanding habits such as smoking and weight loss. When people come in for what I call external representations of internal turmoil, most of them don’t know that a habit could be so emotionally driven.  Everything we do in life, always, is for the fulfillment of an emotion or a positive feeling.

The reason hypnosis works so well to stop these habits is because it resolves the core of the issue and thereby dissipating the external representation that we associate with whatever void we are filling.

When I share this information with clients, they then  open up to resolve these voids completely.

Many people don’t know how well this same process works for issues such as depression and anxiety in the same way. It may seem somewhat controversial, yet I believe depression and anxiety are mental habits.  I believe depression can be an emotional habit that we become used to tapping into.

Regions of the brain affected by PTSD and stress.

Regions of the brain affected by PTSD and stress. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

For example, saying positive affirmations and even just smiling, can put out the right energy, and in turn the right hormones in your brain will be created to support this positivity.  If our minds become used to this hormone lack, they will literally continue with this status quo.

How does hypnosis work for depression?
Many of us learn depression from instances that were traumatic in our early formative years.  Hypnotic regression used to resolve these initial memories can relieve the unconscious mind of the emotional weight that it might have been carried for years. Again, dissipating the “habit”.

Not only do I see this process work for so many of my clients, this beautiful work was the reason I recovered from my Post-

Traumatic Stress Disorder  and depression from my near fatal car accident which is what turned me on to this work to begin with.   For this reason I am so passionate about it and wish to share the knowledge wi

th the whole world.


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