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3rd Generation and Beyond goes to Texas

When I was writing 3GAB, I remember always saying to myself and others that I’m writing this book for the 15 year old in Texas who has never heard of the Holocaust. Referring to  the state of Texas was essentially arbitrary, yet, what I meant by it was I wanted to write a book that was accessible to all people no matter what their knowledge of the Holocaust, as well as, meaningful to those who are very familiar with the Holocaust.

Well, as luck has it, I was invited out to Texas to speak at the Greene Family Camp as their “Artist in Residence’ for the week. I am going to teach poetry and writing through the lens of the Holocaust.

Not only is this programming different from the lectures I’m used to giving in schools and at events, it is also given at a sleepaway camp filled with hundreds of kids and beautiful nature.

I am so looking forward to experiencing Texas, teaching the campers, and learning a thing or two about camp life! I never went to sleepaway camp as a kid, so, this is my first experience.

Who would have thought that what I said not too long ago would actually come to fruition.

Was there anything you have said to yourself over and over again that eventually came to be?




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