By This Time Coaching

“By this time, I thought I would be…”​

I came to hypnotherapy by accident.  Literally, a near fatal car accident.  I am passionate about this work because it saved my life.  Not only did it help me exponentially for my Post Traumatic Stress Disorder after the accident, it helped me regain focus and structure in my life.

I practice a hybrid technique of NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) and hypnotherapy.  Using both of these methodologies hand in hand works to effectively resolve long standing issues with my clients.  These tools are invaluable, but I believe my own experiences healing from trauma and illness is what makes my coaching style priceless.

I am passionate about coaching clients that struggle with chronic illness and trauma because I have been there before. I understand what if feels like to navigate the murky waters of illness when it seems as if no one is there to help.  If I would have had a coach when I was ill, I wouldn’t have had so much pressure to be my own advocate and “doctor”.  I could have regained my life much quicker!  My practice is called “By This Time” because I was always an ambitious person that felt held back by my limitations. I always felt that “by this time” I would have accomplished this goal, or “by this time” I would feel healthy, and so on.  Now is the time… By This Time.

My clients have this to say:

Wasn’t sure what I was getting myself into when I started my hypnotherapy with Danna.  I didn’t expect an overwhelming amount of insight to flow out of me as it did. Danna did an excellent job of guiding me through my session and obtaining the information needed to move on from previous traumas. I cant stop praising the amazing work and recommend it to everyone. Whether you have a pressing issue, habits, trauma or want to do it for curiosity sake, DO IT! It’s completely worth it!​

– Alex B.​

My experience working with Danna Pycher as a hypnotherapist has been amazing!. I am able to remember my past in more detail and vividly. I feel very safe and confident with her expertise and knowledge. I am specifically working on weight loss and healing many childhood areas that have caused me grief, shame and silence. The work we do is very deep and I take to hypnosis very easily. One time I came to”a door” and I was scared to open it thinking that after I come back to the present I will not be able to handle my emotions. Danna assured me that I would be very safe manner and feel fine. I am so grateful to be doing this work with Danna. She is so kind, patient, delightful, funny and wise beyond her years.

– Debbie L.

I’d love to guide you on your way to infusing hope and healing back into your life. Feel free to contact me via the By This Time Coaching website below.

Danna Pycher NLP, CHt, CPLC

In Partnership with Nautilus Life Clinic

For more information, please visit By This Time Coaching.  You can also connect with By This Time Coaching on Facebook!


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